The cloven stamp of the feminine

My mother thinks lesbians are lesbian because they are depressed. This is not a new approach for her. All my life she has accounted for all societies peccadilloes, from homosexuality to alcoholism using the simple approach that they are all feeling a bit down. 

I imagine she sees the, drunk, the same sex sniffing and the social junkies that we know and love, wandering, tearful and Kate bush-like, through a mirror lined maze. Maybe she's right? I ask you then, as the shorter gender, does S.A.D. bring on the desire to put your mouth upon nature's question mark? Or is it a developed sense of the ridiculous? 

It's quite probably neither but lets dissertate. I just went to my sisters wedding; she was happy and married a man. So there's one for me mum. Watch out divers, the evidence mounts, as do lesbians.

September 11th: only 105 shopping days till Christmas

You said fish are mostly glass, I said escalators cry, we were angry, we both said things we didn't mean.

Number One

I used to write blogs to try, in some way or other, impress a girl. Not an entirely bad motivation actually; for the exact same reason, I now have an deep set admiration for Bowie, one or two interesting ornaments and a taste for white wine. One has to be careful however, once I lamely got a tongue piercing to try and win an affection. Its gone now, thank fuck, eating noodles and dignity are far more important.

Lordy, my first entry. Rather laconic. Maybe its better just to write bam, there goes my bee log virginity, fuck yeah and look for vaguely embarrassing photographs of school enemies with friends on in the background.