The cloven stamp of the feminine

My mother thinks lesbians are lesbian because they are depressed. This is not a new approach for her. All my life she has accounted for all societies peccadilloes, from homosexuality to alcoholism using the simple approach that they are all feeling a bit down. 

I imagine she sees the, drunk, the same sex sniffing and the social junkies that we know and love, wandering, tearful and Kate bush-like, through a mirror lined maze. Maybe she's right? I ask you then, as the shorter gender, does S.A.D. bring on the desire to put your mouth upon nature's question mark? Or is it a developed sense of the ridiculous? 

It's quite probably neither but lets dissertate. I just went to my sisters wedding; she was happy and married a man. So there's one for me mum. Watch out divers, the evidence mounts, as do lesbians.