Andrea white

That is her name. She (i assume) works in the Crown Plaza hotel – pictured behind her. It’s the big sci-fi dystopia coughing its way into the sky behind her – stare at it - if you can tear yourself from her impressive norks. I am in it. It is horrible. I just telt Brian and “A” this but i heard this outside the front door waiting for a taxi.

“ish it in powder form or pills form? Aye man i’ll take a fucking gram. Aye i fuckin wull? Course ah fucking will. Nah mate just ashk the boy tae fucking keep a fuckin held oh it - am wantin it. Am no fuckin pished. Right right ye fukin arsehole. See if hess asking that, i’m no fucking takin it not at that. Ill tak a swedge o coke a fuckin cola and aw, then ask him the price. funkin couple bootles o wine and the telly, get the soldiers roond. Lets have a nice night in.