Comedian’s in Edinburgh blog considerably about “what happened today”. Not a unique approach in the world of digital publishing but it has always mystified me a bit. Funny people flexing their banality muscle. Odd.

My turn.

I get up and wash off remnants of food, hair product etc. Some new food goes in next with some hot drinks of either type then out dorsy clothes are applied and bus gold is sourced. Then stairs, repetitive but reliable; objective – public transport with walking used as joiner. Time for daily curious face re: lady boys then wafts of nostalgia triggered by various corners (locations of past singing, shouting, falling). The stand is destination for play about shouting and Russians with Phil Nicol Bruce Morton and Jim Muir . Blood everywhere. Home next via paraphrasing to pick up digital controllers left on charge. Stage time come next details sketchy. Focus reduced by Hocus. Fuzzy memory leads to indistinct sleep. Stop. Repeat.

I missed you Edinburgh.

No I didn’t.


So - i’m doing this play at the mo - as well as my own show. Gagarin way it’s called – it’s very political and quite violent. A couple of things have happened.

1. Bruce had his nose broken two days before the show (unrelated accident)

2. Bruce had a hole put into his head during a pistol whipping practice ten min before curtain - he went on though –(superstar)

3. Jim knocked the pendant light off the ceiling during a scene. It hit Phil, burst his blood pack and went off into the crowd

4. An audience member sat with his head in his hands in the front row so at curtain call, jim flipped him the finger an inch from his face

5. I sprayed a woman in beige with blood

6. Two kids got blood on their face

7. My upper arm looks like Jupiter cause of all the bruises

It’s been eventful. I can’t help thinking though – what’s next and will it involve my teeth.


When i go out to club, i like to go the extra mile, walk back, then go in the club.