Every since moving south I have become fascinated by odd business names which I see  as the result of someone whose first language is not English, trying to exploit UK commercial marketing semantics that even the natives find baffling.  See here and here 

So, “Dr Hunger Café”; as in a café owned by a Doctor who cures hunger?  Maybe, but then It should read “Dr. Hunger’s Café”.

Is café a coincidentally apt second name for a physician who jacked it in to fry eggs for a living?

Or should it be read with an assumed “the” prefix. “The Dr. Hunger café” is maybe then, a set of ideas.  At the heart of which the concept of “Hunger” is given an authority by bestowing it a doctorate. Is this art? What is this?

And then I noticed I had photo-shopped a little picture of Jude Law in the wing mirror, something I have very little memory of doing.