Went to see KIM NOBLE WILL DIE last night. But before I type any opinions – recent mini reviews of my work and of Anna’s work have been discovered via search engines - the proponents of which got all blushy when we contacted them which is rich; if you heard yourself being slagged off in a room, you’d go over and do something - Just because it’s the internet, don’t expect people to do nothing. Well I want you to know Mr Noble, if you’re reading this I am willing to defend it to the core.

The preamble may be academic though, I really think his show is brilliant.  It’s a genuinely uncomfortable hour of incredible creativity that made you feel engaged, sticky, sad, and behind his eyes at points. People warned me that you might not be able to get certain aspects of it out of your head and they were right – to the extent that it prevented me saying anything to him afterwards.

We stayed at the SOHO and saw THE PYJAMA MEN which was incredibly competent show performed by some incredible talents but I just couldn’t engage with it after seeing Noble’s.

Suffice it to say Mr Noble is, in my opinion, a comedy hero.  His work sets a bar and proves that maxims can be ignored to great effect. It’s inspirational and perspirational and I recommend it highly (don’t go with your mother)