To dream – perchance to sleep

Dreams are normally only interesting to the person who dreamed them – so keeping it short…

Me, Josie long (who I know only very very slightly) plan a stand up gig underground in a tube tunnel. It looks great – though a bit terrifying. We put chairs out – I come up with the funniest joke in the world…

Q: What’s a leotard?
A: A person with learning difficulties who’s into astrology.

Not bad for a dream – though Jimmy Carr did a joke about uni-tards being one-legged mentals or something similar so half a point.

But, that’s not even the joke – no – the joke is, and bear with me, as the dream Josie did incredibly patiently…

Consider these two points

1. A leotard is the result of the desire for a woman to be able to move un-hindered, (most commonly in dance or aerobics.)
2. It’s revealing nature means that it may be sexualised by the viewer.

My conclusion (or dream punch line)

The leotard is therefore a physical embodiment the front line of socio sexual politics.

Boom Boom

She didn’t laugh either but I find it remarkable that I  thought that asleep.