I have continually to remind myself that these videos i make are all part of being a small business and are not simply ego support objects. Maybe they are both. 

Regardless - here is another - it is an advert, but, in a good way.

Please watch and share and comment and rate and favorite and come and I shall be in charge by sundown.


A good friend of mine wrote me to say stop it with the twitter and face book –he also said I was “scraping the comedy barrel for a flicker of recognition.” I think he might be right. (The irony of blogging it is not lost )

My excuse is – my other half is at a sunny festival of culture performing an award winning play on the other side of the world so I’m bored. I , however, have been watching the telly with my laptop on my – well – lap - and last night, I ate a fray bentos pie.

Have you ever tasted one? Like cat food. I followed each bite with a cherry tomato. For my health. For my health.