I'm pretty sure no one will read this and i'm pretty sure its been a waste of my time... but here goes

I don’t like the fact that choosing to go with Orange UK means I cannot choose to have an unbranded HTC DESIRE phone and unbranded software.

I found various guides no how to revert, or install the original unbranded operating ROM from HTC but I found hugely helpful but very unclear in places

Guide one is here
And the second guide i used is here.

Essentially this guide is both these combined but with more detail for relative idiots like me.


I’m not totally sure exactly why or what a gold card is – but this should give you the howto

This element is the bulk of the procedure and the most difficult to accomplish. I tried it with various micro SD cards to no avail. Unlockr recommended I use a 2GB Kingston SD card and in the end I resorted to purchasing one and it seemed to do the trick. I can’t say for sure that is why it finally worked as I may have messed up steps on my previous attempts so do go ahead and try with ones you have.

Download and install HTC sync

Download and EXTRACT the android SDK .zip file to c:\androidsdk you don’t have to install it –basically it contains a tools folder that we will be using in a mo.

Put the Card you are using in your phone

Plug it into the PC with the USB cable (FYI - I have Windows 7)

Choose connection type – HTC sync


Then format the card – it should remount

Then –type cmd in your run box at the bottom of your start menu which will bring up the command prompt. 
Then  type
Hit enter - This takes you down the hierarchy to the root of the c drive – it should read C:\

Then type
cd androidsdk\tools\
Hit enter - This takes you to the tools folder in the androidsdk folder

Then type
adb devices

Hit enter - This step – as far as I can ascertain is to establish whether the next procedure is possible – is checks if the Desire is connected in a usable way. If successful it should show the phones serial number - eg
cd androidsdk\tools>adb devices
List of devices attached
HT041PLO5683     device

If it does - then now to retrieve the HEX number you will need to create the gold card.  Now type.
Abd shell

Hit enter - Then type
cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

A long code will display – as example - here is mine 02544d5341303247049c2a5ed2009bc2. Type it out – and check it!

Then go here  which is the brilliant Soaa-'s lame GoldCard hex reverse page  and hit Submit

Copy the result and through to here and save the .img file they email you.

IMPORTANT – run the HxD application as administrator by right click its short cut and choosing “run as administrator”

Goto EXTRAS/OPENDISK uncheck OPEN AS READ ONLY FIRST then choose the htc from the physical disk NOT the logical disk .  Press OK when prompted for 'Sector Size' (selecting 512 (Hard disks/Floppy disks)

Goto EXTRAS/OPEN DISK IMAGE and find your way to the image file you were sent by email.
You should now have two tabs - one is your SD card, the other is your goldcard image

Click on the goldcard image tab. Go to the 'Edit' menu, choose 'Select All' then select the 'Edit' menu again and select 'Copy'.

Click on the 'Removable Disk' tab. Highlight offset (line) 00000000 to offset (line) 00000170 (including the 00000170 line), then click on the 'Edit' menu and select 'Paste Write'. What you are doing is replacing the information at the top of your SD card with the information contained in the image file.

Click on the 'File' menu and select 'Save', accepting the warning.

You now have a Gold card in your phone which will allow it to accept the rewrite and grey hair.
Last thing to do is download this file RUU-MoDaCo-Bravo-1.15.405.4-release.exe and run the dam thing – it will do the rest for you. I found it here... and i’m pretty sure paul is the chap who made this all possible. That said – sometimes the link is broken, and some of the downloads were corrupt – but keep going - you have got this far....

Final word is – if it wont let you complete the upgrade then, as far as i can figure out, you didn’t make a gold card. But the 2gb Kingston Micro sd card and try again  - it appears that not all sd cards work.